Welcome to TYRES

Welcome to AMH Tyres in Moruya, your local South Coast Kumho dealer. Whether you drive a passenger car, performance, prestige, 4×4, SUV, light commercial or heavy truck, we have the tyre for you. Kumho produces a wide range of tyre products to fit almost any vehicle and specialist applications. We even make tyres for mining vehicles and aircraft!

The quality of our range has been recognised the world over, with Kumho products winning awards for excellence in Europe, Asia and right here in Australia.

We are always striving to create the best product possible, and at Kumho, this means reducing the impact of cars on the environment. Our “Eco-Wing” is our new range of environmentally friendly tyres. Their ‘nano’ compound technology provides lower rolling resistance and road friction, boosting fuel efficiency by up to 10% and reducing CO2 emissions. Their long tread life also reduces the rate of tyre disposal, meaning less bald tyres in landfill.