Wheel Alignment

At AMH Tyres our specialized staff use state of the art four head laser wheel alignment machines to align your vehicle’s wheels. Regular wheel alignments provide safe, predictable vehicle control as well as a smooth and comfortable ride free of pulling or vibration, and improved mileage.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balance is essential for safe driving. Unbalanced wheels cause annoying steering wheel and seat vibrations. At AMH Tyres we use state of the art machinery to ensure you wheels are balanced.

If you are unsure whether your wheels need balancing, call us to book in for a free tyre inspection today.

Puncture and Repairs

The area of the tyre where the puncture occurs will determine if the tyre is repairable. Generally tyres with punctures in the tread area are repairable

Our experienced Pit Crews are expertly trained, assuring you quick, efficient repairs, If you have any questions regarding tyre repairs, please speak to one of our expert staff.


  • Punctures
  • Nail holes
  • Cuts up to 6mm on the tyre tread.

REPLACE: Sidewall

  • Punctures larger than 6mm on tyre tread
  • Sidewall punctures
  • Tyres worn below the wear indicator bars located on tyre.