Disc Brake Rotors

ACDelco's capability to maintain extremely tight tolerances coupled with well researched design elements result in significantly improved disc rotor performance.

Features & Benefits

  • ACDelco Disc Brake Rotors are engineered to Original Equipment design criteria and manufactured to the demanding TS16949 quality standard in QS9000 rated facilities.
  • A focus on high quality casting materials, tight machining tolerances and key design features, ensure that ACDelco Disc Brake Rotors deliver high levels of replacement brake performance.
  • To ensure optimum performance on initial fitment all ACDelco Brake Disc Rotors are balanced during the machining process.
  • ACDelco Disc Brake Rotors are engineered to minimise brake shudder, improve thermal efficiency and reduce brake noise.

DuraStop® Disc Brake Pads

ACDelco DuraStop® Disc Brake Pads are an ideal choice when it comes to quiet, confident and low-dust braking.

Features & Benefits

  • ACDelco DuraStop® Disc Brake Pads have been formulated to the vehicle's requirements to ensure safe and consistent stopping ability.
  • ACDelco DuraStop® Disc Brake Pads provide optimum noise suppression and performance using unique formulations and combined with shims, slots and chamfers where needed.
  • Each DuraStop® Disc Brake Pad backing plate is protected by a premium powder coated finish, ensuring professional protection and appearance.
  • The ACDelco DuraStop® Disc Brake Pad's compound is of a specially formulated Non Asbestos Organic (NAO) material and is 100% asbestos free.
  • ACDelco DuraStop® Disc Brake Pad's friction levels are very stable across a broad range of operating temperatures, and create very low levels of dust.
  • ACDelco DuraStop® applications are designed to provide you optimum performance and durability.

High Performance Brake Pads

ACDelco High Performance brake pads use a high friction rating pad material that has been tested and proven to provide exceptional stopping performance. They are ideal for performance and heavy duty applications, and provide braking confidence in extreme conditions including emergency stopping and towing applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional stopping power giving shorter stopping distances.
  • Significant resistance to brake fade at high temperatures.
  • Excellent pedal feel.
  • Also performs well at low speed and low temperature conditions