Ecopia EP850

The Ecopia EP850 is a fuel efficient SUV tyre with good all round performance. The ideal tyre for city and highway driving, it offers excellent grip and handling in wet and dry, plus long wear life.

Key Features

  • Improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Superior grip and responsive handling
  • Reduced tread pattern noise
  • Minimise tread wear
  • Improve braking performance

Performance Category: Performance SUV

SizeLoad IndexSpeed IndexOverall Diameter
205/70R15 96H96H668
205/70R16 97H97H693
215/65R16 98H98H686
215/70R16 100H100H707
225/70R16 103H103H721
235/60R16 100H100H688
235/70R16 106H106H735
245/70R16 111H111H749
255/70R16 111H111H763
265/70R16 112H112H777
215/60R17 96H96H690
215/70R17 101H101H733
225/60R17 99V99V702
225/65R17 102H102H724
235/65R17 108H108H737
235/55R17 103H103H690
235/60R17 102H102H714
245/65R17 111H111H750
265/65R17 112H112H776
215/55R18 99V99V694
225/55R18 98V98V705
225/65R18 103H103H750
235/65R18 106H106H763
255/55R18 109V109V738
285/60R18 116V116V799
235/55R19 101V101V741
245/55R19 103V103V752
245/50R20 102V102V753